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It Ain't No Easy

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Indelible Blue

Indelible Blue

In 1953 my kindergarten teacher wrote a note to my parents stating that I was a ”monotone”. For 65 years, despite my love of music in all genres, I never sang a note for fear of being ridiculed. Finally upon retirement I decided to  embark on this Quixotic adventure.

Unlike other forms of art, music is usually a collaborative effort of individuals with different talents coming together to create the product. This work is no exception. While the raw material here was created by me it has been brought to life with the indispensable collaboration of my vocal coach and muse David James Foerster and my guitar teacher and music therapist David Meyer. I am also grateful to , Steven Lucas, and  addinghis considerable talents to this project.


Most of all I am grateful to my wife, Virginia Lanse Lehman, for giving me the encouragement and the space to pursue my passions and live my dreams.


Indelible Blue

Indelible Blue

Indelible Blue

Say Hello

Empty Harvest

I'll Remember You

A Little Bit Of Love

Come Play With Me

Indelible Blue

Berkeley Nights

Broken Levee

Dear Mrs Shebelhut

Anna  Nicole

It's Cold

This Side Of The River



Indelible Blue


 All songs written by Rick Lehman 2016-2020 (ASCAP)

Music by David James Foerster and David Meyer

All songs Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by David James Foerster at David James 

Productions Elverta, California

Rick Lehman: vocals

David James Foerster: Keyboards, tambourine, slide guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, backing vocals 

David Meyer: Acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, harmonica, piano, drums, backing vocals 

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